Unsalted Butter Dairy Road

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Dairy Road Farms' cows are given a healthy, more productive environment; they can decide whether they roam the fields or enjoy a roof over their heads. It poor weather, like rain, wind and cold, the cows have the option to inside the barn.

The Dairy Road butters are made in small batches and it is churned slowly for a thicker, creamier, and richer butter than what comes from high-volume factories.

Because the cows spend a lot of time outside, the color of the butter is slightly yellow, due to the carotene in the grass the cows eat.

Dairy Road butter is called a European-style with a 85 percent fat content. This creates an exceptionally rich and creamy butter.

You can freeze this butter up to 24 months. To protect against freezer burn, which can alter the taste, we recommend placing the original packaging in a resealable plastic bag for additional protection.

Ingredients:pasteurized cream, lactic acid.