Halloumi Cheese

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Pasteurized MilkYes
Vegetarian RennetYes
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Halloumi is one of those things you need to try once. People who know Halloumi enjoy it on a regular basis, and we are Gourmet-Food.com are on the side of know it and love it.

Halloumi is a regular in Mediterranean mesa; the cheese does not melt when you grill it, it becomes more compact, shows off the grilling marks wonderfully and depending on the accompaniment you can serve it as a savory appetizer or a sweet desert.

Our Kryssos Halloumi is made from fresh cow's, sheep's and goat's milk; made in small batches, the curds are hand-filled into individual molds and turned by hand. After an initial cooking, each cheese is hand-folded into a small rectangular shape after a sprinkling of local mint is added.

Ingredients:pasteurized cow's, sheep's milk, goat's milk, salt, non-animal rennet, mint.