Croxetti Pasta

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This organic Croxetti pasta are shaped like disks or coins, created from a sheet of pasta and 'engraved' with the Genovese cross, the cruxetta, the coat-of-arms of its region (Genova), and a stalk of Ligurian wheat, which symbolizes their origin.

Traditionally, they are served with a basil pesto or walnut sauce, but who says you have to limit yourself; any sauce will do.

The artisan pasta factory Pastificio Alta Valle Scrivia is nestled in the Apennine mountains in the village of Montoggio, just inland from the city of Genoa, in the Scrivia Valley, in the coastal province of Liguria, in Northern Italy. The production still takes place in the traditional way: made exclusively with spring water and high quality durum wheat flour from the best Italian mills and the drying, a key moment in the production cycle, is a natural process at low temperature. At Alta Valle Scrivia a unique blend of tradition, innovation and artisan know-how creates an outstanding line of quality, artisan pasta, clearly identifiable from the first bite.

Ingredients:organic durum wheat semolina.
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