Mezzaluna with Gorgonzola Filling

Mezzaluna is a filled pasta, like a ravioli, only in the shape of a half moon. This mezzaluna is filled with Gorgonzola and it is a dried pasta, a shelf stable pasta.

La Piana is a family business from Trento, Italy and like so many families, favorite memories revolve around family meals. They bring authentic Italian dining experience to the U.S. by importing foods that are traditional in different regions throughout Italy.

Mezzaluna with Gorgonzola filling has a rich, savory flavor. Combine it with the right sauce. A sage, mushroom or walnut sauce are a few suggestions.

Ingredients:durum wheat semolina, eggs, water. Filling ingredients: Gorgonzola cheese (milk, salt, rennet), bread crumbs (wheat flour, water, salt), sunflower oil, salt, dehydrated garlic, nutmeg, pepper.