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Pici pasta is like a thick spaghetti. It is a hand-rolled pasta that is dried in small nests or coils. During cooking the nests unfold and the Pici becomes long thick strands again.

Our Pici pasta or Pinci is made in Siena, Tuscany, Italy by L'Antica Panarese and considered to be of the finest quality, because they select the best Italian durum wheat semolina, and the pasta is processed according to traditional craft technique.

The cooking time of this pasta is approximately 22 minutes for al dente, so you need to plan ahead. The porous nature of these pici nests makes them the perfect for any type of sauce, but traditionally it is served with a tomato, garlic, hot pepper sauce or a meaty ragu.

Ingredients:durum wheat semolina.
There is only one other review as I write this, and it is absolutely correct! This is the best pasta ever! Recently I ordered one bag, but now I am ordering two bags, and I will always try to keep some in the pantry.

Pici is the absolutely best pasta my husband and I have ever eaten.....all other pasta pales in comparison. Crushed tomatoes with a bit of garlic and fresh oregano, some freshly grated cheese and you have a wholesome meal.