Vesuvio Pasta

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You guessed is right, this Italian Vesuvio pasta is named after the famous volcanic Vesuvius mountain. This pasta is made by Afeltra, located in Gragnano, Napoli; a company with state-of-the-art machinery, but continuing to respect the times and methods that are characteristic to the old Gragnanese tradition.

Afeltra pasta is artisan, handmade and extruded through bronze, they way they did it centuries ago. This procedure gives the pasta an exceptional flavor, thanks to the rough, porous surface which holds the sauce. Vesuvio is a short twisted pasta that pairs wonderful with smooth sauces or ones with small pieces of meat and/or vegetables as the ridges of the 'mountain' shaped pasta will fill up.

Since every shape of pasta requires a different cooking time, depending on the consistency of the pasta, and whether you prefer the pasta to be 'al dente' or very 'al dente'. The package will show a minimum and a maximum cooking time on the package. Vesuvio is 8-10 minutes.

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