Basiron Pesto Cheese

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Basiron Pesto is an eye catcher. This Dutch gourmet cheese is very special and unique because of the bright green color. The taste is definitely pesto and can be called full and creamy.

This Gouda-style cheese is made from pasteurized cow's milk and a vegetarian rennet is used. The cheese has matured for 8 weeks and the entire wheel weighs about 4.5 kgs

We first found this amazing cheese in Bahrain while visiting from Saudi Arabia. The bright green color caught our eyes and attention. Being big fans of pesto, we bought a nice wedge to take home. To our delight it turned out to be the most tasty cheese we have ever had. The 250 gram wedge disappeared in seconds and left us hungry for more. Years later we moved back to the States and took a 4.5 kg wheel with us and treasured every little bite for the next year.

Absolutely fabulous! I bought some at Schiphol airport and now I want more. Great melted down in a little olive oil and the 'sauce' poured over pasta. Definite spinach and garlic taste.