Edam Cheese

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Gourmet-Food Fast Facts
Pasteurized MilkYes
Animal RennetYes

Edam and Gouda cheese are prime examples of the Dutch cheese making industry and known and copied all over the world. Most Edam cheese (or Edammer as the Dutch call it) has a red wax or is wrapped in a red cellophane, but in Holland you find them in a traditional cheese yellow color.

This Edam is not overly young and not particularly old, but does have a slightly spicy aroma and easy taste with a slightly salty flavor lingering on the palate.

Named after the town of Edam in the north of the Netherlands, our gourmet Edam made in Holland, is the real deal and not an imitation cheese. Try it, a great sandwich cheese, or a great addition you a European or even a Dutch cheese board.

Please note that wheels/forms vary slightly in total weight, you will be charged for the actual weight of the wheel that you will receive.

Ingredients:pasteurized milk, salt, starter culture, rennet, annatto (natural color).