Gouda Affine Black Pepper

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Gouda, just the mere mention of this cheese, instantly gets the taste buds on high alert. This cheese doesn't disappoint in all the areas that Gouda delivers; buttery, creamy and velvety goodness. But wait, Pepper? Well that’s just the perfect kick.

This Dutch gouda has crushed black peppercorns atop a relatively young Gouda cheese of 4 months old. The Wyngaard family first cuts the gouda in cute triangles and then places the peppercorns on top of the cut side of the cheese, not the rind. This allows the snap of the pepper flavor to penetrate nicely into the cheese. This type of cheese carries the name affine; Affine Black Pepper

Peppered Gouda fits well into a ham and pear croissant sandwich; it's a match made in heaven. Herbs that complement Gouda are limitless but may we suggest crackers or breads infused with different flavors like rosemary, dill, and cumin. Pour a glass of a Merlot and you are enjoying Gouda the way it was meant to be.

Ingredients:pasteurized cow's milk, black pepper, salt, starter, annatto, carotene.