Gouda Affine Black Pepper

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Pasteurized MilkYes
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The mere mention of gouda and our taste buds go on high alert. Rich, nutty, and butterscotchy flavors await. But... pepper? Well that’s just the perfect kick.

This Dutch gouda features crushed black peppercorns atop a relatively young Gouda cheese of four months old. The Wyngaard family creamery portions the cheese in cute triangles and garnishes cut side with peppercorns. This method allows the pepper to flavor the inside of the cheese.

Peppered Gouda fits well into sandwiches of all types, on cheese boards, or with crackers and bread. Pour a glass of a Merlot and enjoy.

Ingredients:pasteurized cow's milk, black pepper, salt, starter, annatto, carotene.
This is probably my most favorite cheese that I've ever eaten. It's firm but still a little creamy, the black pepper not only adds a little texture, the black pepper flavor is a great addition to the mild and slightly nutty cheese. Highly recommend!!

Delicious! This cheese is a real treat. With wine, with bourbon, with beer. It is simply good stuff.