Old Amsterdam Cheese

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Old Amsterdam is an aged Gouda cheese that is aged until the Dutch cheese makers are ready to release it, when they know the cheese had the perfect  flavor and texture. The Westland cheese makers know what they're doing as the cheese won numerous awards over the years, in 2012 Sabor del Ano in Spain, and a golden award for 'Best Dutch Cheese' at the Nantwich Cheese Show.

Old Amsterdam has a pale yellowish interior, dotted with occasional small eyes and small crystalline nuggets of amino acids. The Dutch Gouda is rich and sweet in flavor with caramel and toasty notes and a long, balanced finish. The cheese is rather moist and easy to slice or cube.

We like Old Amsterdam; a gourmet cheese with a consistent flavor, always appreciated and lovely with a good glass of red wine or port. When you use the cheese for a cheese sauce, you don't need much to add flavor to your dish. An absolute wonderful cheese.

We hand-cut and wrap this gourmet cheese in wedges of 8 ounces and 1 pound.

Ingredients:pasteurized milk, salt, cheese cultures, rennet, annato color.

Living on retirement income, this is the one luxury item I allow myself. To all the praises written by others, I say Ditto.


Sorry you had not enough STARS,, this the best ever,, I was many times in Amsterdam and but there is nothing like OLD AMSTERDAM AWARD WINNER Texture, flavor, sharpness, and easy to cut,, make this my favor,, Thanks,, my friend from Aruba, introduce me to this excellent flavor and I can not taste any other but OLD AMSTERDAM AWARD WINNER.. NOT EVEN IN BOLINDAM i WAS ABLE TO TASTE any better,, not even Manchego graso,,, comme near. God bless athe hand of those master's that have the magic touch..Thanks Peter