Wijngaard Chevre Affine

Picture of wijngaard chevre affine
Wedge, weight: 8 ounces
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Wedge, weight: 1 pound
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Quarter wheel, weight: 5.5 pounds
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Gourmet-Food Fast Facts
Pasteurized MilkYes
Animal RennetYes

From the makers of Reypenaer, this Chevre Affine Gouda-style cheese is made from goat's milk. That is not the type of milk used for most Gouda cheese, but it is become more popular in a country that is, among other thing, known for its cows.

This off-white goat cheese is ripened for 16 weeks in special caves. It has a full, creamy goat cheese flavor which is both light and sweet. It is an ideal cheese for those who start to appreciate goat cheese.

We hand-cut and wrap the Wijngaard Chevre Affine in wedges of 1 pound and 8 ounces or you can purchase a quarter wheel of approx. 5.5 pounds.

Ingredients:goat's milk, salt, lactic acid, rennet.