Duck Foie Gras Lobe Grade A

Picture of duck foie gras lobe grade a
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Rougie was founded as a gourmet shop in 1875 by Leonce Rougie in France. The son, Jean Rougie, traveled the world supplying the foie gras to the elite, royal families, gastronomic restaurants and leading hotels. Today, Rougie is the number one producer of foie gras and moulard duck delicacies, with headquarter in the Perigord region of France and farms in France, Bulgaria, Canada and China.

This Grade A Fresh Duck Foie came from a 100% corn-fed duck. The consistent quality and taste of this foie gras makes it a choice of many chefs worldwide. Slice and sear or grill or devein and cook as a terrine.

NOTE: We weigh each lobe of Foie Gras before it ships as they may vary in weight. You will be charged for the weight that we will ship to you.