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Boska's Barbeclette is handy tool. It allows you to melt cheese on the barbecue and serve it on anything you like. The melting plate of the Barbeclettea has a non-stick coating, so no cheese will stick; it actually slides of very easily. Melt blue cheese... read more
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This beautiful slate board is made from real, natural North American black slate. It is not intense black, more like a dark grey. Black slate has beautiful, and subtle variegated black hues and bands of varying thickness throughout which can be seen when... read more
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Grilling papers are basically a very thing 'slice' of wood that you can wrap around your fish, vegetables and cook/steam on your grill outside or inside in a grilling pan. These Fire and Flavor Cedar Papers are made with 100% all natural western red... read more
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When you like grilling, you really need to try to use a grilling plank. It is really easy, adds flavor to your fish or meat. This plank is made from all natural Western Red Cedar and has no flavorings added. These planks come from certified sustainable... read more
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Look, a cheese board, made of a slice of a tree trunk with the bark still attached. Very decorative! The wood and bark are varnished, thus can be used over and over again. The size is approximately 10 x 6" and 0.8" thick; the size may vary a... read more
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This cheese curler, or Girolle as the Swiss call it, is a wonderful tool that allows you to slice super thin curls off the surface of the Tete de Moine cheese. It will be a great feature when you have a party of just with you family and friends. The thin... read more
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This black Cheese Fondue Pan and authentic mahogany base are very stylish and will fit with any table setting. Cheese Fondue, crispy bread, fresh vegetables and potatoes, a good glass of wine or your favorite beer and you've got the recipe for a casual... read more
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Grilling your cheese, meat or fish on a plank is quite simple and lot of fun when you serve it. The wood will give a delicate smoky flavor to the cheese or meat or fish. These Maple Grilling Planks, of 6 x 6 inches can be used as individual serving... read more
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Not every knife is the same, every chef and every cheese affineur can tell you that. The difference can be found in the material used in making the blade and the handle, how it cuts and how it feel in your hand. When you select a cheese knife for serving... read more
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Imported directly from Holland, this European stylish stainless steel deluxe knife is the tool to cut soft cheeses. The holes in the knife prevent the cheese from sticking to the knife; you will cut easily through the cheese and serve clean cut wedges... read more