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The Three Cheese Gourmet Wafers combine the full bodied flavors of Parmesan, Mozzarella and Cheddar for a rich cheese taste.These crackers are great as a snack, or to serve with cheese and jam, fruit paste, tapenade. They are also wonderful with dips and... read more
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These Tuscan Wafer Thin Crackers are flavored with sundried tomato, basil and garlic; they are very light and crisp crackers that have a waffle imprint. Because they are very thin they are a perfect march with pate and cheese, or you can use them for... read more
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Urban Oven's best seller: only the finest cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil is used for this truly unique cracker. Incorporating farm-fresh butter creates a smooth and creamy texture that provides the perfect compliment to your favorite cheese. Try... read more
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These tiny toasts are made in the South East of France; they are approximately 1.5 inches square and an ideal base for almost any appetizers. Each package contains 36 mini toasts. They are strong enough to keep all types of cheese, meat, salads etc.;... read more
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Wafer Thin Crackers is a brand from the Australian company Waterwheel Industries with modern production facilities in Melbourne, Australia. The crackers are thin, light, crisp, flavorful and they have a waffle imprint on the surface. The fact that they... read more
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Z-Crackers Sea Salt and Olive Oil a wonderful simple cracker and because of their simplicity they will enhance the flavor of any pairing. Try it with: Brie, St. Andre, salsa, hummus, dips or crumbled into soup. Z-crackers are award-winning crackers that... read more
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Beer Flats Pilsener Crackers are artisanal crackers made by the makers of Daelia's Biscuits for Cheese. They used beer as a leavening agent and as a flavor booster, something that is done in bread since a very long time. These crackers are sturdy... read more
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All Natural, baked from scratch Sea Salt Mediterranean Crackers are an ideal crunchy accompaniments to your cheese, pate, salami, hams. They are also a fantastic snack, just the way they are, straight from the package into you mouth. Irresistible.... read more
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At 34 Degrees they know how to make thin crackers, and make them flavorful as well. These Cracked Pepper Crisps have just enough kick that they add just a little bit to the cheese or meat you pair them with. Try the cracked pepper variety with creamy... read more
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When you want to pair dates and walnuts one of the things that will pop into your mind is cheese, gourmet cheese. A blue cheese is a lovely counterpart of the crunchy walnuts; a sharp cheddar or gouda will blend well with the sweet flavor of the date, a... read more