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Porcini mushrooms are graded according to quality level and slice size. These are Super Grade AA, which identifies larger pieces and is great for visual appearance.Porcini mushrooms have an earthy flavor and are a wonderful mushroom in soups, sauces,... read more
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This is something special; amazing! Imported Italian Black Truffle Pearls! The juice of the fine Italian black truffles are processed into fine Caviar-like jet black pearls that glisten and provide the beauty of fine caviar and maintain an outstanding... read more
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Our Chef's Mix of dried mushroom consists of sliced oyster mushrooms, shiitake, king oyster mushroom, in equal amount and 10% porcini mushrooms.Wild mushroom varieties are not easily harvested and are perishable so drying helps makes them more readily... read more
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During the summer time there is an abundance of the Tuber Aestivum Vitt., the black truffles; hence the lower price than a winter black truffles. The season for the Summer Black Truffle is from somewhere from May through September and because of its... read more
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