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The Argan tree, native to Morocco, bears olive-like fruit that contains a hard nut; the fruit is crushed to extract the nut, then the nuts are roasted and pressed. This labor-intensive process is mostly done by hand and makes the argan oil pricey. Argan... read more
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Most of us love avocado, just sliced in a salad or in guacamole. We love it because of the flavor, the color and the nutrients. These Mexican fruits are also used to make an avocado oil. It takes about 15-20 avocados to make 8 fl.oz. of avocado oil.... read more
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This roasted hazelnut oil is a pure oil extracted from the roasting of hazelnuts. Imported from France, this elegant oil is known for its slightly sweet, nutty flavor and aroma. Hazelnut oil is excellent when used in dressings, marinades and cold... read more
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The Jax Coco story began with marketing coconut water. In Asia, people traditionally drink coconut water straight from the coconut. The Jax Team was formed (Jax is the a name derived from the first names of the initial coconut water devotees) and they... read more
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Pecan oil is a cold-pressed oil, made by a Georgian a centennial farm; a farm owned by the same family for 100 years or more. Oliver Farm is owned and operated by the 5th generation. Cold pressed oil is obtained through pressing and grinding with the use... read more
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Styria or Steiermark is a southern Provence of Austria; a mountainous area that grows pumpkins and produces the seeds and the pumpkin seed oil. Pumpkins were fed to animals, then the seeds were appreciated by people and in the early 1700s the oil from... read more
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Walnut Oil is a pure oil extracted from the roasting of mature, flavorful walnuts. It is known for its distinct, nutty flavor. Its color is clear with a slight yellow cast. It is imported from France. You may like to use the walnut oil in duck, game,... read more