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These Cheese and Chives Rice Wafers are thin, tasty, crisps rice wafers, combining the full bodied flavor of Cheddar with the fresh taste of chives. They are gluten free. Rutherford and Meyer uses the highest quality, all natural ingredients, no... read more
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The Firehook Cinnamon Mediterranean Crackers are more than just a cracker. They are a full flavored bakery delight that you will enjoy as a picker-upper during your afternoon, an ideal accompaniment to your favorite tea or coffee, a base for your pie, a... read more
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An all-time favorite made from quality ingredients, like farm-fresh butter and sea salt; Urban Oven's most versatile cracker is refined in its simplicity. Try it with fruit preserves for breakfast, cheese and dips for lunch or as the perfect side to... read more
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Cranberries and pumpkin are two holiday flavors, but it does not have to be Thanksgiving in order to enjoy these artisan crisp crackers from Kii Naturals. Their shape, crunchiness and flavor are an ideal base for your entertaining year round.Pair these... read more