Gourmet Crackers & Toasts

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The Kitchen Table Bakers made these very tasty Aged Parmesan Crisps from a special blend of pure aged cheeses. You will experience a very crunchy, very tasty rich thin cracker that is very cheesy in the good sense of the word. Great to nibble on, and... read more
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The popular AleHouse Cheddar is used in the Castleton award-winning handmade crackers. Both from Vermont, both artisanal and a wonderful marriage. The Vermont Farmstead Cheese Company found the perfect vehicle for its award winning cheese. This crackers... read more
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Daelia's Biscuits for Cheese are all natural biscuits, twice baked in small batches to ensure the perfect texture. For the Almond with Raisins biscuits, the almonds are sourced directly from the growers and the raisins are from California. This biscuit... read more
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A dark crunchy crackers with visible pieces of almond and combined with fruity flavors make a beautiful base for your cheese, meats or spreads. These Kii Natural's Crisps are also delicious on their own as a snack with tea, coffee of a cool drink. Their... read more
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Beecher Original Crackers are made from all natural ingredients and no hydrogenated oils. They are rich and buttery with a nutty sweetness and an excellent crunch. These gourmet crackers are wonderful as a snack on their own and will do great with all... read more
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Beer Flats Pilsener Crackers are artisanal crackers made by the makers of Daelia's Biscuits for Cheese. They used beer as a leavening agent and as a flavor booster, something that is done in bread since a very long time. These crackers are sturdy... read more
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These Cheese and Chives Rice Wafers are thin, tasty, crisps rice wafers, combining the full bodied flavor of Cheddar with the fresh taste of chives. They are gluten free. Rutherford and Meyer uses the highest quality, all natural ingredients, no... read more
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The Firehook Cinnamon Mediterranean Crackers are more than just a cracker. They are a full flavored bakery delight that you will enjoy as a picker-upper during your afternoon, an ideal accompaniment to your favorite tea or coffee, a base for your pie, a... read more
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An all-time favorite made from quality ingredients, like farm-fresh butter and sea salt; Urban Oven's most versatile cracker is refined in its simplicity. Try it with fruit preserves for breakfast, cheese and dips for lunch or as the perfect side to... read more
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At 34 Degrees they know how to make thin crackers, and make them flavorful as well. These Cracked Pepper Crisps have just enough kick that they add just a little bit to the cheese or meat you pair them with. Try the cracked pepper variety with creamy... read more