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Arborio is the rice most commonly used; the Carnaroli Rice is the rice variety that most Italian chefs will use. It is considered the 'King of Rice'.The rice comes from Northern Italy; the grains are big, rounded and transparent and it contains more... read more
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Many regions in Italy have their own special pasta shape, Casarecce or Caserecce is one of them. It simply means home-made and it is from Sicily.The pasta look like a twisted tube, a twisted towel if you like and it is great for chunkier and creamy... read more
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Cavatappi Pasta is a corkscrew pasta, or a twisted ridged hollow tube. It is also know under a lot of different names.Cavatappi can be prepared with a huge variety of sauces, from creamy to the more chunky sauces. Because if the corkscrew shape and the... read more
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Cavatelli Pasta is a pasta from the southern regions of Italy. It is often served with thicker sauces and does also great in casseroles and salads. The ribbed shell is like a small hot dog bun that is curved along the ling side. It has a lovely mouth... read more
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Chef's 00 Flour Antimo Caputo is ideal for pizza dough, because it is finely ground, and has a lower gluten content than most flours. If you are making the effort to make homemade pizza, you’ll want to always have the best ingredients.Chef's 00 Flour is... read more
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Black rice is known to be a healthy rice variety, and this Chinese Black Rice also has a healthy legend surrounding it. The story goes that this particular rice was exclusively eaten by the Emperors of China, because if its healthy properties and thus... read more
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This Crab & Lobster Ravioli is one of the innovative all natural artisan ravioli products from Nuovo. This particular raviolis is made with crab meat and steamed lobster, coarsely ground and tossed with butter and herbs. This mixture is folded into a... read more
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This organic Croxetti pasta are shaped like disks or coins, created from a sheet of pasta and 'engraved' with the Genovese cross, the cruxetta, the coat-of-arms of its region (Genova), and a stalk of Ligurian wheat, which symbolizes their... read more
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