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The flavor and shape kids and adult love! Ravioli that bursts of real macaroni and cheese flavor, shaped in the oh so familiar fish shape. They are packed in 9-oz atmosphere controlled packages. The people from Nuovo are designed by a family of culinary... read more
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Afletra's Mezzoa Pacchero pasta is a smooth, rather thick tube of approximately 1 inch long, with a diameter of approximately 1 inch, that should be cooked 'very al dente', at least if you want to follow 'the old days'. This pasta is a mouthful and can... read more
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When you cannot make up your mind between rice and pasta, try this Multigrain Caviar Medley; a unique mix of parboiled long-grain rice, wheat berries and pasta. A unique mix of texture, flavor and color. This rice-pasta blend is great for pilafs as it is... read more
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Oven-roasted portabella and crimini mushrooms, sauteed with onions and fresh herbs, wrapped in a potato and tapioca pasta. This particular ravioli is gluten-free. At Marylands La Pasta they produce delightful, delicious, distinctive fresh pastas and... read more