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For all you banana lovers, these Bananas Foster Mini Cheesecakes are the answer to your wish. Not one big cheesecake that you will need to 'force' yourself to eat day after day to make sure it does not spoil, but 12 mini cheesecakes; the size of... read more
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Banyuls Wine Vinegar is made from Banyuls sweet wine from a region of France that borders Spain. It is aged for 4 years in oak barrels in the Mediterranean sun and then another year in new oak barrels. The natural sugar from the Banyuls, combined with... read more
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Tennessee based Trubee Honey ages some of their raw honey in charred oak barrel that's been soaked in whiskey by a legendary southern distillery, producing a rich, smokey honey - Barrel-Aged Honey. It is not a mono-floral honey; it is a honey produced... read more
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Nuovo's Gnocchi are all natural, artisan Italian dumplings. The Basil and Potato Gnocchi are beautiful in color, vibrantly green as well as small pieces of the basil herb visible. The basil flavor is dominantly present in this soft gnocchi. Use it in... read more
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It all started in 1840, when a mustard mill was founded by Leon Bouley in Burgundy, then in 1928 it was Edmond Fallot who acquired the mill and revived the business that is still an independent family business. The slow destruction of the mustard seeds... read more
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Basil Pesto, Pesto all Genovese, is the prime ingredient for the well-known Italian dish 'Pasta alla Genovese'. Peast all Genovese is also a great representation of the Medetarranean cuisine and the cultivation of Ligurian agriculture; the area where you... read more
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This basil pesto is just a tiny bit different from the classic version; it is made with almonds instead of pine nuts. Made with fresh ingredients, this versatile product adds a spectacular flavor and texture to a variety of dishes; for every day, simple... read more
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For those of you who cannot resist sweets, look no further, you found your destination. A basket full of sweet deliciousness; not the every day chocolate or candy bar, but cherries in syrup, fig and cocoa, caramel sauce and more. Amaretti Cookie Snaps -... read more
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Some of your favorite gourmet meat and gourmet cheese together in a gift basket. Salametto - a salami crafted according to the finest Italian pastoral traditions, using the highest-quality pork; coarse ground and garlic scented. Pepper Salami - a salami... read more
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Beech wood hams are cooked in hot-air ovens and patiently smoked on real beech wood; this produces an aroma that is peculiar and specific to this type of ham. Principe is carefully selecting fresh pig legs from which the bones are removed; then they... read more