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Beecher's Original Crackers are made from all natural ingredients and no hydrogenated oils. They are rich and buttery with a nutty sweetness and an excellent crunch. These gourmet crackers are wonderful as a snack on their own and will do great with all... read more
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Beer Flats Pilsener Crackers are artisanal crackers made by the makers of Daelia's Biscuits for Cheese. They used beer as a leavening agent and as a flavor booster, something that is done in bread since a very long time. These crackers are sturdy... read more
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Black Forest Brownies - what a treat, especially in the fall, when we're in need of full, rich chocolate bakery items. A chocolate brownie is a treat in itself, but this special chocolate brownie will make you pause an enjoy. Black Forest Brownies are... read more
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These Greek black olives are ripe before they are picked from the olive tree. They have a cocoa brown color, a semi-soft texture and tasty, slightly acidic finish. Use them in pizza, pasta, tacos, egg salad or make a tapenade, or just eat them as a... read more
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This black olive spread is like a tapenade; it is made from slightly sweet and smokey olives, but with no olive oil. The product is made in Croatia, one of the beautiful European countries situation at the Mediterranean Sea. Dalmatia, the producer of... read more
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Black summer truffle peelings create a nice contrast with most of the food you will serve them with, like sauces, pasta, polenta or grits, risotto, mashed potatoes or eggs. These truffles peelings are packed in brine and can be kept for a long time. They... read more
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Butter in itself is already an excellent gourmet item, but Fabrique Delices made it even better, by adding small pieces of black truffle. This butter is Beurre de Baratte or Baratte butter, (baratte means churn), so this is churned butter. The cultured... read more
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Sabatino selected an amphora shaped bottle to sell its truffle oil and this black truffle oil is one of them. Extra virgin olive oil processed according to the old traditional methods is the basis and black truffle aroma give the oil its robust, earthy... read more
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When you have something truffle in your hand, you will pick up the aroma. For many an intoxicating, earthy aroma. This small jar of fine sea salt with tiny pieces of black truffle will compliment many dishes of all cuisines. Your omelet, pasta, salad,... read more
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To make the Blackberry Buzz Preserve just the right combination of rich blackberries and jalapenos is selected to make this a true flavor 'buzz' for glazes and sauces. Try it in your yogurt or drizzled over ice cream. What started as a family... read more