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Jam, preserves and marmalade are so much more than a just a nice sweet layer on your sandwich and so much more than just a fruity delicacy.This Cabernet Sauvignon Jam by Emily G's is an upgraded wine jam and will do great as a accompaniment to meat or... read more
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Calamaro or Calamari pasta has the shape of rings of squid. The large short rings are easy to hold sauces with large pieces of meat, vegetable, fruit etc.Since every shape of pasta requires a different cooking time, depending on the consistency of the... read more
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Gourmet and specialty food from California is created by people who have the ability to combine innovation with tradition. Our classic gift basket consists of a selection of favorite products that this large West coastal state has to offer.Mt Tam - an... read more
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This Calf Liver Pate or Kalbsleberwurst is made only with veal and veal liver as meat source. It does not contain any pork. This product is definitely a Schaller and Weber exclusive, creamy, mildly spiced and something special.... read more
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Campfire is a smoked salt blend containing pure ocean salt, smoked sea salt, sumac, cumin, and chili flakes. Beside the nice warm terra-cotta color it makes you dishes taste like the outdoors. Use with brook trout, skillet potatoes, grilled corn, roasted... read more
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Capers are these funny looking small pearls that you see so often in Mediterranean dishes. They add a little complexity to your dish; salt and brine and the mouth feel. One of the recipes it is use in is Chicken Piccata.Capers are the unripened flower... read more
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When you add coffee to your chocolate brownies the chocolate flavor will be more dominant. When you add coffee and milk to your chocolate brownies you will end up with a rich and creamy chocolate brownies is just a little more decadent than straight... read more
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It looks like a beautifully decorated apple pie, but it is so much more. Underneath these apples you will find a luscious rich creamy cheesecake with diced fresh Granny Smith apples, and a hint of cinnamon.The top of the Apple Cheesecake is drizzled with... read more
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Pop this pie in the oven and you will love this smell coming from the kitchen and the smiles on the faces of loved ones when you serve this yummy pie. This deep dish pie with its flaky crust generously wraps around all the ingredients you remember... read more
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This Pound Cake is chocked full with Granny Smith apples dusted with cinnamon, walnuts and nutmeg. And just like your grandmothers recipe, a few secret spices that keep you coming back for more. These ingredients blended into the moistness of the Pound... read more