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Chow Chow or pickled cabbage is one of Doux South's traditional Southern pickled vegetable; a rough chopped relish of cabbage mixed in a sweet and tart brine. Owner Nick Melvin, an Atlanta-based farm-to-table chef, grew up with pickling and used it... read more
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Christmas time may be the time for cookies, but if you have a lot of family and friends coming over, this wonderful Christmas Cheesecake may just do the trick. A light, fluffy, and rich New York Style Cheesecake is decorated with red, green and white... read more
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Cilantro Pesto is piquant and aromatic. Main ingredients are: organic cilantro, non-GMO and extra virgin olive oil blend, Pecorino Romano cheese and garlic. The All Natural, Artisanal Gourmet Pestos ingredients are grown at Bear Pond Farm, a small... read more
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The Firehook Cinnamon Mediterranean Crackers are more than just a cracker. They are a full flavored bakery delight that you will enjoy as a picker-upper during your afternoon, an ideal accompaniment to your favorite tea or coffee, a base for your pie, a... read more
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This cinnamon babka is made from yeast dough spread with a rich cinnamon filling that is soft and moist. The filled dough is twisted to form the sweet-smelling swirls of cinnamon filling you see when you slice the loaf. These swirls pack every bite with... read more
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Cinnamon, Cardamon and Ginger; a lovely combination added to cultured butter to become a compound butter. Drew McBath and his wife Elizabeth are churning butter in their Georgia facility. They make butter with cultured cream from local hormone-free,... read more
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Orange and lemon peel are stuffed in the Greek Halkidiki olives creating a brilliant flavor combination for your appetizer. Divina works with the finest small farms and artisans throughout the Mediterranean to bring you authentic products of exceptional... read more
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The Waterthins Classic Cheddar Cheese Twists are a nice snack. The many layers consist of dough and the finest of cheeses. The classic version is mildly seasoned with cayenne pepper. The cheddar cheese twists are then baked in a time honored tradition... read more
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These Classic Chocolate Brownies are best described as rich, buttery and chewy. Pour a tall glass of milk and enjoy. You will receive 12 of these brownies. Delight your taste buds with the sinfully delicious desserts that are made from scratch by baker... read more
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A small basket full of international goodies like: Vincent (8 oz.) - a Dutch classic Gouda cheese with just enough maturation to taste the beginning of sharpness. Emmental (8 oz.) - another classic, this one from Switzerland. A cheese copied all over the... read more