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This Spanish handcrafted Date Almond Cake is made with fresh Deglet Noor dates and Marcona almonds. The cakes are pressed by hand and contain no preservatives. This delectable chewy treat comes from Valencia and pairs well with any type of cheese, but... read more
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When you want to pair dates and walnuts one of the things that will pop into your mind is cheese, gourmet cheese. A blue cheese is a lovely counterpart of the crunchy walnuts; a sharp cheddar or gouda will blend well with the sweet flavor of the date, a... read more
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This Gourmet Gift Basket is a wonderful gesture to a deserving woman and contains unique items which she can enjoy for a long time. It includes:Acquerello Carnaroli Rice - The Rolls Royce of rice. This rice is grown, aged, whitened and packed in Italy on... read more
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Our Deluxe American Artisanal Gift Baskets contains the following items:Grafton Village Two Year Old Vermont Cheddar (8 oz.) - a raw cow's milk cheese that is aged for about 2 years, developing a complexity of flavor that is appreciated by many cheese... read more
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Our Deluxe Gourmet Condiments Gift Tray holds exactly what is says: deluxe gourmet condiments that will add the finish touches to your dishes or to your buffet:Orange Fig Spread - an award winner. This fig spread offers a flavor combination of sweet figs... read more
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Our Deluxe Spanish Gourmet Gift Basket is full of delicious and typical Spanish gourmet food items that will make you feel as if you are at the Costa del Sol. Our Deluxe basket contains:Drunken Goat (8 oz.) - also called Murcia al Vino - a young Spanish... read more
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Demi-glace is a classic French sauce; a richly concentrated brown stock that is reduced 4 times and you'll have a deep meat flavored sauce. It is a very lengthy process of roasting meaty bones and simmering for hours.Luckily, More than Gourmet in Ohio... read more
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It is not difficult to guess where English Double Devon Cream is made; Devon or Devonshire in South West England. Double Devon Cream is a dense cream made from pasteurized cream, with a butterfat content of 48 percent. So a lot fatter than regular heavy... read more
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Double smoked bacon is a bacon that is smoked a whole lot longer than regular bacon. The long smoking time results in a meat with a deep smoky flavor.Schaller and Weber dry cures the bacon; many supermarket bacon is injected with a brine to speed the... read more
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The de la Pagode's Dragon Fruit Green Tea is a mix of Chun Mee green tea and Sencha green tea and has exotic, captivating aromas, coming from the bright pink dragon fruit that has a sweet and delicate flavor and a fuchsia hue.Legend states that millions... read more