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Farro, Triticum dicoccum, monococcum or spelta, depending on the size of the grain, is an ancient grain that grows in the central and northern Italy, like Umbria, and Tuscany. Our Farro is a pearled variety, the Italian would say perlato; the bran has... read more
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Not feeling ones best, this Gourmet Gift Basket will get you back to feeling great in no time. A small token of gourmet love for the one who needs to feel better soon.Emmental (8 oz.) - cheese is healthy as it provides many nutrients. Not feeling so... read more
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We all know that fruit is healthy and that fruit if often a wonderful accompaniment for cheese and meats and often found in desserts. Our Feeling Fruity Gift Box offers a combination of fruity gourmet food, and all you have to do is enjoy the flavor... read more
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Fennel pollen is sifted out the fennel flowers when they are at full bloom, creating a seasoning that has a similar flavor and aroma of fennel, but is not quite the same; curry, anise and honey-lemon overtones.This herb is golden green and you only need... read more
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A real Greek combination, meaty, buttery Halkidiki olives filled with smooth, creamy Feta cheese.Divina works with the finest small farms and artisans throughout the Mediterranean to bring you authentic products of exceptional quality. Their olives, from... read more
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This Spanish Fig Almond cake combines two healthy ingredients into one treat; 85% of its content are whole premium Pajarero figs and Marcona almonds. This cake is the classic pairing for Spanish cheese.From the Valencia region these small 8.8-oz. cakes... read more
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It is this fig chutney that began the journey of Taste Elevated. Picking the abundance of fruit from beloved fig trees became an annual tradition and finding a place for all the figs became a daily chore. The solution, make fig chutney.This Fig Chutney... read more
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Dalmatia Imports is an award winning company, that makes products based on figs. These figs are mainly found at the Dalmatian Coast of Croatia.Each batch of figs is inspected fig by hand for quality and cooked to perfection to preserve the integrity and... read more
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Fig Fruit Spread is made from fruit only and is therefore free from gluten, diary and wheat. This fruit paste has a semi-firm texture and is not a spread; you can slice it easily and use it in salad, cheesecakes and other sweet recipes.Slice it so you... read more
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This Emily G's jam is a hit on goat cheese, blue cheese and try it on a baked brie. The sweet figs and pomegranate juice create a wonderful dark jam that has an earthy hint of nutmeg.Emily Myers founded Emily G’s out of a true labor of love, which... read more