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Pasta and pasta alternatives come in many shapes, sizes, and flavors - our gourmet pasta gift box offers 3 pastas and an organic polenta that opens the world of Italy in a beautiful glossy burgundy gift box. Rainbow Bowties - hand- made and naturally... read more
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Pate is as exciting as cheese and is a wonderful alternative to a cheese plate or even better wonderful in combination with a cheese assortment. Our Pate Platter consists of 4 pates/terrines, each 5-8 ounces: Pate de Campagne (country pate): a... read more
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For those of you who prefer meat or more specifically sausage over gourmet cheese, we selected some fine dry salamis that will satisfy your cravings. Mild Chorizo - the well-known Spanish sausage that is flavored with chili, paprika and garlic. Pinot... read more
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New Zealand-made Gourmet Wafers combine wonderful natural flavors with a crisp, lightly baked texture to create a fantastic taste experience. Rutherford & Meyer make these sensational wafers, made from the highest quality natural ingredients. They... read more
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The Greek cuisine is a typical Mediterranean cuisine, rich in vegetables, olives, cheese, meat, yogurt, herbs and more. Our Greek Classic Gift Basket will give you many ingredients for a fabulous Greek dinner party. Mizithra (8 oz.) - a grating cheese... read more
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A green olive spread or olive tapenade, all the way from Croatia. Mild in flavor and color as apposed to the black olive spreads. This traditional Mediterranean spread does wonders to your grilled bread slices, your pasta dishes, salad dressings and you... read more
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Green peppercorns picked off the vine and then submerged in a brine, a solution of vinegar and salt. It is the same fruit as the peppercorns in your pepper mill with the difference that these are pickled. They have a mild flavor and are perfect to use... read more
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Greenwheat Freekeh is a very flavorful grain, uniquely dense, an interesting texture and very flavorful. It is softer than barley, but chewier than farro. It is produced by harvesting young, green wheat that is then parched, roasted and dried. The... read more
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Grey Mullet Bottarga is salted, cured roe from the grey mullet. Italians call it Bottarga di Muggine, the Japanes say Karasumi and in Greece it is called Avgoaracho. Grey Mullet is a delicacy and most often seen in the Mediterranean cuisine. Bottarga is... read more