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This linguine pasta is wonderful. Great color for a impressive presentation. The squid ink that is used to infuse a black color into the Italian egg pasta leaves a slightly salty taste. Imagine what you can do with the black canvas. Serve with a creamy... read more
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Lomo Americano is dry cured pork loin, rubbed with cocoa and pimenton. The thinly sliced pork loin is rich, meaty, subtle, lightly smoky. Great for a salumi platter, with Manchego and other Spanish cheeses, on a sandwich, pizza or use it chopped in... read more
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Danish butter, like Lurpak has always been synonymous great flavor and top quality. The brand Lurpak is owned by The Danish Dairy Board. This Danish butter has a pale color and approximately 5 gallons of whole milk go into 2 pounds of butter. Unsalted... read more
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Enjoy this Caviar Gift Set like a king and treat yourself or a loved one with top of the line salmon and Osetra caviar. This is a favorite amount our Caviar Gift Boxes and contains 1 oz Royal Osetra Caviar 2 oz Alaskan Salmon Caviar 2 Mother of pearl... read more