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The flavor and shape kids and adult love! Ravioli that bursts of real macaroni and cheese flavor, shaped in the oh so familiar fish shape. They are packed in 9-oz atmosphere controlled packages.The people from Nuovo are designed by a family of culinary... read more
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Magic Unicorn is a colorful salt blend that brings just a little magic to your dish. This hand-made, hand-mixed salt consists of pure Ocean salt with smoked paprika, rosemary and garlic and will go with everything and anything.Beautiful Briny Sea is an... read more
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You can find the Virginia Chutney Company in the blue hills in Virginia and making chutney is their passion. The Major Grey's Mango Chutney; a traditional chutney pairs well with aged cheddar and Gouda cheese.It has a third the salt than most mango... read more
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This Mango Cheesecake has fresh mango puree that is swirled onto a creamy cheesecake that rests on a thick buttery vanilla wafers cookie crust. It is a delicious, smooth and gorgeous cheesecake that is made with farm fresh dairy products and cream... read more
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Take a New York style Cheesecake, add bold swirls of chocolate and place it on a crust of dark chocolate cookies and you have a beautiful Marble Cheesecake. It is 9-inches in diameter and serves 8-10 people.Delight your taste buds with the sinfully... read more
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These Marcona Almonds are fried and slightly salted; they are Spain's most precious almonds. The Marcona almond is rounder, shorter, and sweeter than the California almond and they are absolutely delicious. These 'Queen of Almonds' are a great snack and... read more
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The Marionberry Cheese Torta is an wonderful example of making use of local products. Marionberry, a blackberry from Marion County, apricots from Oregon orchards and the Oregon state nut: hazelnut.These fruits and nuts are are blended with dried... read more
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In the Marsala Wine Jelly you find the flavors and aromas of the Marsala wine, as it is real wine that is used to produce the jelly. During the preparation of the jelly, the alcohol is lost during cooking, but the delicious flavor and aroma will stay in... read more
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Mean Beans are a spicy take on what Rick's Mom in Vermont calls dilly beans. This version comes with extra heat. These prize-winning crispy beans are pickled with cayenne and fresh dill and have an unusually fresh flavor. They make a great hors d'oeuvre... read more
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When you like Southern food, these pickled green tomatoes will hit the sweet spot. With a nice sweet beginning and a tart, earthy under layer, you will finally understand what it’s like to have a true bread and butter pickle.Owner and farm-to-table chef... read more