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These Mediterranean sea salt flakes are known for their large pyramid shapes crystals. They are light and flaky with a mild taste which is characteristics of Mediterranean salts.It is a popular salt for cooking and baking. This flake salt is also... read more
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This Italian gourmet jelly is made with real Merlot Wine and during the cooking process the alcohol evaporates and the flavor and aroma of the Merlot remains. Try this wine jelly with creamy brie, your favorite Cheddar, on a croissant or with some... read more
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Afletra's Mezzoa Pacchero pasta is a smooth, rather thick tube of approximately 1 inch long, with a diameter of approximately 1 inch, that should be cooked 'very al dente', at least if you want to follow 'the old days'. This pasta is a mouthful and can... read more
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Mike's Hot Honey is a chili pepper-infused honey in a handy squeeze bottle. Michael Kurtz, the founder of Mike's Hot Honey was introduced to the idea of making honey hot in Brazil, in 2003. Back in the US, Mike started to create his own hot honey and... read more
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This mild chorizo sausage is made by Palacios from an old family recipe and a great sausage to try; you will understand why so many people love this famous Spanish 'salami'.Palacios was founded in 1983 and exports its Spanish chorizo around the world.... read more
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These Mini Cherry Cheesecakes, cupcake size, have sweet cherries that are comfortably set in a layer of cherry glaze on top of a creamy cheesecake that has a thick buttery vanilla wafers cookie crust. Each order contains 12 mini cheesecakes. When you... read more
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Cupcake size Chocolate Chip Cheesecakes is a great way to serve your guest. A combination of milk chocolate and semi-sweet chocolate chips in and on a rich creamy cheesecake. Each order contains 12 Mini Chocolate Chip Cheesecakes. If you prefer a... read more
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Minus 8 Vinegar is produced in limited quantities, cork sealed and hand dipped in wax in Canada. The name of the products relates to the temperature (-8 degrees C) at which the grapes are picked and then pressed to make ice wine.The low temperature is... read more
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This Mixed Fruit Cheesecake has 2 layers of richness. The top layer has plentiful fresh strawberries, blueberries, and kiwi beautifully decorated and the second layer is a rich velvety cheesecake. This refreshing Mixed Berry Cheesecake rests on a vanilla... read more
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Moscatel Vinegar is a bittersweet tasting vinegar that is made exclusively from sweet wines of the Moscatel variety.A vinegar with a light acidity and a long finish. Made in Catalonia, Spain, this vinegar has a gentle and subtle profile that would be a... read more