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Peter Luger Steak House has been serving the finest USDA Prime steaks since 1887. Their own old fashioned Steak House sauce is not only great on steak, but also served on slabs of red ripe tomatoes, according to Linda Eckhardt's 'Guide to America's Best... read more
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Phat Beets were named Outstanding Appetizer at the 2007 Fancy Food Show. Aromatic spices accent the sweet-tart flavor of these fresh pickled beet slices and have won over even stubborn beet skeptics. Pickled in rosemary, ginger and lemon, they're... read more
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Large toasted Larguetas almonds, dipped in chocolate and then rubbed and dusted with cocoa powder. Good luck trying to resist this Spanish snack.The Piedras de Chocolate (piedras means rocks in Spanish) are a great snack because they are not too sweet.... read more
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You like your jellies sweet, but every now and then a little heat won't be a bad idea - here it is a Pineapple Pepper Jelly made by Brimstone Originals.Try it in rice recipes and give it an oriental twist, or glaze a ham or pork or finish a grilled fish.... read more
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For this Pineapple Strawberry Cheesecake sweet pineapples are blended in a rich velvety cheesecake and the entire cake is topped with a thin layer of strawberry glaze and many slices of fresh mouthwatering strawberries. This refreshing Pineapple... read more
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Pinot Grigio Wine Salami is made with fresh all natural pork and Italian spices, infused with the finest quality Pinot Grigio white wine, dry cured and aged to perfection. This white wine salami uses crisp California Pinot Grigio wine to bring out its... read more
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These green Greek olives are mild, bright and herbal and just a 5 oz. tub is ideal for your private appetizer party.Serve them with cheese, salami and if you have some left over, combine them in a pasta sauce, a tapenade or in your soup or salad.... read more
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These pitted gourmet Kalamata olives are easy to use in classic dishes such as pizzas, pasta, sauces and Greek salads or in combination with other appetizers like cheese and meats.The world-class Greek Kalamata olives are bursting with flavor. Known for... read more
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Rutherford and Meyer's Plum Fruit Paste is a great combination with aged cheddar and Gouda.New Zealand-made fruit pastes have a range of tangy and intense flavors using real fruit and natural ingredients. Rutherford & Meyer's fruit pastes will... read more
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What is polenta and what is the difference with grits or plain cornmeal? Good questions that are difficult to answer, because part of the answer lays in the marketing of the product. Cornmeal, grits and polenta are all roughly the same.Differences can be... read more