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The French Provence is know for a lavender color country side, great weather and good food and wine. This particular honey is made from flowers of that historical southeastern part of France. A French gourmet multi-floral honey that has a complex aroma... read more
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These Nuovo Tortellonis are stuffed with aged provolone and chopped prosciutto and combined with fresh parsley and garlic in egg pasta. Tortelloni is a ring-shaped pasta that you may also refer to as a 'belly button'. Tortelloni is the same shape as... read more
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Roasted pumpkin is combined with ricotta, sage, nutmeg, and fresh mozzarella to create a truly autumn classic filling which is presented in a fall tapestry of colors in a square ravioli. They are packed in 9-oz atmosphere controlled packages. The people... read more
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In this Pumpkin Cheesecake fresh pumpkins are mixed in a luscious, rich creamy cheesecake that rests on a thick buttery ginger wafer cookie crust; all is topped with fresh cinnamon and whipped cream. The result - a smooth and delicious cheesecake that... read more
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Our traditional Pumpkin Pie is an open-faced crust pie shell that is filled with a smooth custard-like filling made with pumpkin puree, eggs, cream or milk, sugar, and a spice mixture which you can serve it warm or cold with or without a dollop of... read more
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Cheesecake mixed with pumpkin and spices is poured on a crust of ginger snap oatmeal cookie and glazed with a caramel streusel topping. The cheesecake is made in a 9x11 pan and hand cut, and there will be 12 bars per order. Delight your taste buds with... read more
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Pumpkin and spice, what a combination, especially in the fall and with just the addition of pure cane sugar. This all natural Blackberry Patch syrup is handmade in small batches - slowly simmered. Try it on anything you like. Blackberry Patch was... read more
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Nielsen-Massey is known for their vanilla beans and extracts, but they also have a few other extracts, like this Pure Almond Extract. This is a rather familiar flavor that blends well with vanilla, chocolate, caramel, apples, coconut, cherries, cream,... read more
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Pure Camomile is renowned for its calming and soothing properties. This is often called herbal tea, however it does not contain any tea leaves. The Camomile has been carefully selected to bring you a premium herbal tea that can help ease your... read more
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Nielsen-Massey's pure lemon extract is versatile but strong; don't use it as if it is lemon juice. 1 tsp lemon extract = 1 tbs lemon juice = 1/2 tsp lemon zest. This lemon extract is a great flavor in many of your dishes, from sweet to savory, from... read more