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To make excellent butter, you need excellent milk. To create excellent milk, you need cows that are producing sweet, rich milk. And for that you need green lush grass they can munch on. Ireland has it all and Kerrygold is using this wonderful milk to... read more
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San Giacomo makes the Saba from the same cooked grape must that is used for making balsamic vinegar, but the Saba is not fermented or aged. It is reduced by 1/3 over an open fire during which the sugars caramelize and the flavor becomes more concentrated... read more
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Scuccuzzu is a small rounded pasta, like a small pearl or pill, that was created when Ligurians moved to an island off the Tunisian coast in the 1500s, they learned to make scuccuzzu as an alternative to couscous. It was introduced to Italy when they... read more
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A Sicilian sea salt mixed with dried black summer truffles is a wonderful product that you can try on anything and the results are amazing. Try it in marinades, dressings, pasta, or simply on fries, meat, chicken, or omelets.... read more
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Small wheat flower pillows seasoned with sea salt and rosemary baked until crunchy, that is an Italian Sea Salt and Rosemary Crostini. These small crackers are great just as a snack, straight from the bag or as an accompaniment with cheese, hummus, your... read more
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At Banner Butter they are crazy about butter, and the end result is a rich very tasteful butter. Made with fresh cream, with a high butter content. A butter that is churned slowly; big factory churn butter fast, so they have a higher production, but... read more
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All Natural, baked from scratch Sea Salt Mediterranean Crackers are an ideal crunchy accompaniments to your cheese, pate, salami, hams. They are also a fantastic snack, just the way they are, straight from the package into you mouth. Irresistible.... read more
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Serrano ham is one of the traditional Spanish meats and one of the characteristic items you will see when ordering tapas. This ham is boneless, which makes give you more ham per pound and more flexibility when cutting it. Slicing a bone-in ham is a... read more
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Jamon Serrano or Serrano ham is the traditional Spanish country ham that you see in just about every bar and restaurant in Spain. This deboned and trimmed version is ready to slice, and is ideal for use in an electric slicer, especially when you're not... read more
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There is something about these Seville Orange Tortas that make them irresistible. These traditional Spanish sweet treats are all-natural and made with crystallized Seville oranges and sprinkled with sugar. It goes without saying that make the perfect... read more