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This classic Spanish Chorizo is flavored with sweet paprika for a tasty flavor. It is great for tapas. With absolutely no added color additives, preservatives or artificial ingredients, this spicy chorizo is ready to eat and is totally... read more
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Serrano ham or as the Spaniards will say Jamon Serrano. This is in theory very similar to the Italian Prosciutto. The difference that may determine the flavor is the type of pig used to create the ham and then obviously the diet of the pigs.... read more
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A small red decorative holiday sleigh is filled with cinnamon candies, King Leo peppermint puffs, Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory milk chocolate cashew bear, chocolate cookies, Truffettes cocoa dusted truffles, chocolate brownies and... read more
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Made at the legendary Blackberry Farm in the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee, this Smoked Onion Jam is a great condiment for your barbecue or your next cook-out. The making of this jams starts with sweet Georgia vidalia onions, smoked them... read more
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Spain has great meat, wonderful cheese and outstanding almonds; Valencia and Marcona almonds. These almonds are nice and big, and a great snack. These Valencia almonds are spiced with smoked paprika, another typical Spanish flavor. Enjoy them... read more
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Ducktrap's smoked mackerel can be eaten cold or warm, whatever you prefer or whatever the occasion is. Mackerel is fish with a high level of Omega 3 fatty acids, which are so-called heart healthy fats. The Smoked Peppered Wild Mackerel Fillets... read more
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Rainbow trout coming from clear mountain springs that is smoked over fruit wood is the most exquisite of all smoked fish. The smoking is done gently to retain moisture, flavor and texture; the result is a rich yet subtle flavor and moist, flaky... read more
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The Spruce Point Smoked Salmon is a lightly trimmed salmon. This pastrami style is rubbed with a blend of herbs and spices. It is a blend that is known to be a Ducktrap favorite. Smoking salmon is an art and one that Ducktrap has mastered over... read more
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Smoked Trout Caviar is one of the caviars you don't see very often, so we are happy to be able to offer it. The pearls are sustainable and extremely delightful, smoked with a delicate mixture of apple and oak woods, this cold smoked trout roe... read more
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Smokra is pickled okra with smoked paprika, hence the name Smokra. The shape of the vegetable is like a spike or finger; it is also called Lady Finger. Okra is a warm-weather crop, and that's may be why it is most popular in the southern US,... read more