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Our Spanish Classic Gift Basket consists of Spanish gourmet products that will get you started in the cuisine Espana. Sliced Serrano Ham (3 oz.) - or Jamon Serrano. It is absolutely devine. Serve this rich and nutty flavored ham with fruit and... read more
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Corn kernels, chickpeas, fava beans and Largueta almonds, fried in vegetable oil and tossed with some sea salt, make up this Spanish Cocktail Mix. A wonderful snack in small tubs of 3.5 oz. Great as a part of your lunch, afternoon snack, in... read more
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Orange Blossom honey comes from the small flower of an orange tree. It is a light, flowery honey that is delicately sweet with citrus hints; flavorful. Combine the orange blossom honey with any type of cheese, and blue cheeses are a wonderful... read more
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Speck Americano is a fully aged Prosciutto Americano smoked over apple wood. The evocative aroma of the open fire melds beautifully with the deep sweetness of the pork. This speck is made in Iowa by award-winning cured meat artisans Herb and... read more
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Think about hot summers and how refreshing a watermelon is. Eating it straight from the wedge, just lips and cheeks all covered with sticky watermelon juice. You don't mind because it helps quench your thirst. Pickled Pink takes this concept... read more
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Spicy Plum Chutney is a robust gingery balance of spicy and sweet that stands up to strong cheddar and makes a perfect glaze for roast pork. This chutney received a Gold Medal at the 2013 sofi Awards for Outstanding Condiment. Chutney is a... read more
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Sauteed spinach leaves are blended with flavorful Asiago cheese, and roasted garlic then folded into whole milk ricotta, and piped into a beautiful striped square ravioli. They are packed in 9-oz atmosphere controlled packages. The people from... read more
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A warm and thoughtful gift that will be remembered every time a cup of coffee, tea or cocoa is savored. This Starbucks assortment will be well received. A charming collection that includes Walkers shortbread cookies, hot cocoa, Starbucks Verona... read more
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You are in steak burger heaven. This huge assortment is loaded with top quality burgers. These are gourmet steak burgers, so a change your perception of a burger. These burgers are made from American Kobe-Wagyu beef, USDA Prime beef and Angus... read more
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Steel cut oats are also called Irish or Scottish oats; they are made by cutting the whole oat groat into smaller pieces using a steel mill. It almost looks like a cut brown rice. Steel cut oats need more time to cook than rolled oats; they have... read more