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This Whole Grain Organic Trumpets Pasta has a rich and robust flavor and is an ideal pasta for thick sauces as the trumpets holds their shape perfectly.Sfoglini makes this pasta from organic durum semolina and organic stone milled hard red flour from the... read more
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The Whole Grain Tandoori Naan is an authentic, hand-stretched naan, made with stone ground, whole grain flour, a good source of fiber and baked in a tandoor oven at high heat; a cooking method which dates back many centuries.It has an authentic look with... read more
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If you like the additional flavor of whole wheat products, these all-natural Whole Wheat Mini Toasts are the cracker for you. These tiny one-bite toasts are perfect for serving a variety of gourmet cheese, pate, salami and other delicacies and can be... read more
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Creminelli's salamis are handmade under the supervision of master artisan, Cristiano Creminelli himself. The Wild Boar Salami is made from a mixture of Texas wild boar and Duroc pork belly. Wild boar meat is leaner, it has a stronger and more... read more
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For Wild Cherries in Amarena Syrup, only the best cherries are selected. They are then candied in amarena (sour cherry) syrup according to the original recipe passed down from the founder of the company.The story of Fabbri starts in 1905 in Bologna,... read more
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Alexian's Wild Forest Mushroom Pate celebrates this gourmet European heritage with premium pork and pork liver, chopped shiitake mushrooms and sherry wine. Chicken Liver, onions, spices, salt and garlic round out the all-natural ingredients.This... read more
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Did you know that Lavender honey is one of the popular Spanish honeys. It is a 100 percent raw honey that is made from wild lavender and harvested in the Murcia region of Spain.Wild Lavender honey is light and floral and sweet and is a wonderful... read more
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This Grade A wild rice is a long grain rice. It has a rich, dark color with a minimum of broken grains. This whole grain rice is cultivated in California.Because of it's dark color, it is will stand out in colorful dishes. Cooking time is 40-50 minutes.... read more
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This Armenian Wild Strawberry Preserve is a delicate preserve with small wild strawberries picked in small baskets and immediately preserved. Each jar of Harvest Song preserves begins with the fertile ground of the Ararat Valley; the most succulent... read more
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Worryfree Tea is a blend of fragrant jasmine, lavender and chamomile flowers as well as Chinese traditional herbs such as Ashwagandha and Kava Kava.Biron Tea is created by a Georgia-native who has earned a Master of Science in Homeopathy and has a... read more