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These Cheese and Chives Rice Wafers are thin, tasty, crisps rice wafers, combining the full bodied flavor of Cheddar with the fresh taste of chives. They are gluten free. Rutherford and Meyer uses the highest quality, all natural ingredients, no... read more
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Honey and cheese are a great pair and Savannah Bee developed a natural varietal honey, packed in small jars that will go with any cheese.Hand-harvested at the peak of the blooming season, Savannah Bee Co. selected this Cheese Honey as the ideal... read more
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Sometimes it is hard to make a choice, even if the two options are far apart. Like a cheesecake and a brownie. So our bakery created a cheesecake brownie and satisfies both your wishes.A 9 x11 inch baking sheet is filled with chocolate brownie batter... read more
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Chef's 00 Flour Antimo Caputo is ideal for pizza dough, because it is finely ground, and has a lower gluten content than most flours. If you are making the effort to make homemade pizza, you’ll want to always have the best ingredients.Chef's 00 Flour is... read more
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This gift basket offers an assortment of outstanding gourmet products for the professional and home chef. It includes many essentials that go a long way when you want to prepare something special. It includes:Bonito del Norte Tuna: authentic white tuna.... read more
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Our Chef's Mix of dried mushroom consists of sliced oyster mushrooms, shiitake, king oyster mushroom, in equal amount and 10% porcini mushrooms.Wild mushroom varieties are not easily harvested and are perishable so drying helps makes them more readily... read more
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If there is one cheesecake that screams deliciousness, it is this Cherry Cheesecake. It may be a relatively simple recipe, but the sweet cherries that are set in a layer of cherry glaze make this creamy cheesecake moist, lush and ever so addictive.The... read more
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When you want to say "I love you", this heart-shaped Cherry Cheesecake will just do that. The bright red sweet cherries on top of a creamy cheesecake shaped in a heart is all you need. A wonderful Valentine's Day gift, or for your partner's... read more
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Need some accompaniment for your Camembert, Brie or goat cheese, look no further, Rutherford and Meyer has a lovely Cherry Fruit Paste that will just do the trick. Not only in color, but in flavor combination. The tartness of the cherry and the... read more
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Cherries are such a treat and when you cover them in a crusty, flaky pie crust, it is the icing on the cake or should we say the crust on the pie. This pie hits all the marks, tart, sweet and buttery goodness. There’s nothing like a made from scratch pie... read more