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Send to a friend or to someone in the office. An assortment with savory and sweet snacks that will compliment every cheese or meat platter. It contains: Classic Cheddar Cheese Twists : the Australian version of the cheese straws. Smokra: A healthy snack:... read more
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On the beautiful island of Sicily, between July and August, the people of Mieli Thun are harvesting their Forest Honeydew honey. This dark amber honey is wonderful to sweeten milk and coffee, and also mulled wine. This Italian honey crystallizes slowly;... read more
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This blend of forest mushroom consists of sliced shiitake, oyster mushrooms, woodear, king oyster mushrooms. Wild mushroom varieties are not easily harvested and are perishable so drying helps makes them more readily available. Dried mushrooms can be... read more
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Four Cheese Sacchetti or beggars purse are filled with 4 different cheese; ricotta, fresh mozzarella, asiago and parmesan. They make a very nice presentation. Eat them as an appetizer, just a little bite, or serve them with one of you favorite pasta... read more
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This large Pancetta is handcrafted and slowly aged; hand trimmed and hand salted. This Italian uncured bacon is made with dried skinless pork belly, that is rolled according to the traditional Italian production method (pancetta arrotolata). This... read more
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Fregola Sarda is a Sardinian pasta, that has a lot of similarities with couscous or Acini de Pepe. Big difference is that the Fregola Sarda is toasted. It is a pasta made from durum wheat semolina that has been 'rolled' into tiny balls of 2-3 mm in... read more
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This Caviar Gift Set is a nice combination of black and bright orange pearls offered through an American-French caviar combination. The Luxury Caviar Gift Set consists of: 2 oz American Hackleback Caviar 1 oz French Trout Caviar 2 Mother of Pearl Spoons ... read more
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These very small cucumbers are pickled with salt, vinegar, onions and spices; they are French Cornichons or Baby Sour Gherkin. They are about the size of your pinky or baby finger. The have a bumpy outside and a zesty and delicious flavor that goes well... read more
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France - a country that produces a lot of gourmet food, cheese, wine, pate, name it. Many gourmet chefs come from France or had training in France and it is certainly not difficult to fill a gift baskets with French delicacies, so you can prepare or... read more
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French Honeysuckle or Sulla is produced in an area in Italy that is full of fragrant honeysuckle bushes; Nocara - Cosenza in Southern Italy. The wax-white to ice-white honey is produced in May; the perfume of the honey is very delicate but distinctly... read more