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Zebra Bowties Pasta or Farfalline Zebra or Black and White Bowties; a lot of names for these handsome looking bowties pasta. They are handmade in Italy's region of pasta, Puglia, the 'heel of the boot' of Italy.In making these organic Zebra striped... read more
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A Greek extra virgin olive oil that is grown in world-renowned groves on the island of Crete.This Greek extra virgin olive oil is remarkable for its versatility; Zoe Diva Select Koroneiki is first pressed from the finest, hand selected Koroneiki olives... read more
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Zoe Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a Spanish extra virgin olive is made from a blend of well-rounded Spanish olive varieties such as the Picual and Hojiblanca.This award winning oil has a consistent delicate balanced flavor of delicate fruit and luscious... read more
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Zucca, Italian for pumpkin, pasta has indeed the shape of a pumpkin with the top cut off, so it is a pasta with a pocket. If you were looking for a pasta that catches your delicious sauce, even the ones with small tiny pieces of meat and vegetables, look... read more