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Blackberry Patch was founded in 1988 by farmers in Thomasville, GA and acquired in 1999, Randy Harvey and Harry T. Jones, a pair of entrepreneurs with more than 40 years of combined business and food industry experience. Blackberry Patch harvests local... read more
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Fresh blueberries simmering and awaiting to be joined by ripe Georgian pecans, and pure cane sugar. All together creating a delicious sweet preserve that is lovely on your breakfast toast, your pancakes or part of your baking creations. Blackberry Patch... read more
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Fireworks, picnics, backyard cookouts and lazy afternoons all say 'Blueberry Pie.' This all-star has everything that makes it a winner; buttery, flaky crust, that is made from scratch, robust blueberries that are brimming with flavor and so juicy - bring... read more
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The Spanish Bomba rice is the equivalent of the Italian Carnaroli rice in adoration by local top chefs. They are not necessarily interchangeable, but both are called the King of Rice.Bomba is a short grain variety that has a great capacity to absorb... read more
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Spanish Ortiz catches white tuna with live bait or fly during the coastal fishing season in the waters of the Bay of Biscay in the Cantabrian Sea. This technique is called selective fishing and respects the environment and protects marine reserves.Bonito... read more
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A dessert not only for the Bostonions, but for all of us; the Boston Cream Pie. Actually, more a cake than a pie, but that's just a detail.This cake pastry lover's dream consists of a made from scratch moist vanilla sponge cake that is filled with a rich... read more
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Runamok Maple pours their wonderful organic maple syrup in barrels that were only recently emptied from Bourbon. And then the time-consuming process of aging starts, allowing the syrup to absorb the essence of the whiskey, without the transfer of... read more
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American Black Bowfin Caviar is a genuine Black Caviar derived from the Bowfin Fish in Louisiana. Commonly referred to as Choupique Caviar or Cajun Caviar. The Bowfin is not a sturgeon, but is a very old fish as well.This caviar is produced under the... read more
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Bresaola, also known as Beef Prosciutto outside of Italy, is air dried, salted and aged for months until it becomes hard and dark red in color. It is very lean and tender and usually served at room temperature or slightly chilled and sliced very thin.... read more
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These rough cut brown sugar cubes will add some style when serving tea or coffee. They dissolve easily and they have a slight aroma of caramel, honey and vanilla.There are approx. 220 cubes in a box.Saint Louis is a renowned producer of beet and cane... read more