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Vermont Creamery has a 4 aged goat cheese and Bonne Bouche cheese is the leader of the pack, their signature cheese. These small wrinkled goat cheeses (Bonne Bouche is good mouth in French) are hand-made according a traditional French recipe, sprinkled... read more
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Burro di Parma or Butter from Parma, the Emilia-Romagna region in Italy. Not all butters are equal and this fragrant, delicate butter will prove that to you. It is produced with pasteurized cream from the milk collected from Parma and Reggio Emilia... read more
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When you like the traditional Emmental, but wouldn't mind a little more kick in your cheese, this cave-aged version may just be the cheese for you. The 1 year maturation in the Kaltbach caves near Lucerne, creates a gourmet Emmental cheese that is a... read more
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Epoisses is made in a small town in Burgundy, in France and is one of the great gourmet cheeses of France and of the world. Each gourmet cheese is covered in an edible reddish-brown coating, and underneath that coating is a creamy, soft, white interior... read more
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A classic Cabot cheddar cheese with a hand-rubbed mix of the flavors of an everything bagel. You don't really need bread or crackers do enjoy this cheese, just cut off a slice and you good to go. The rub consists of onion, garlic, and poppy seeds. ... read more
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Daniele's American-made Capocollo is created following a traditional recipe. The pork meat comes from the solid muscle between the head (capo) and the shoulder (collo). The meat is cured with just the right amount of seasoning, put in a casing and hung... read more
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La Cultivada Arbequine is a single variety extra virgin olive oil made wholly from Arbequina olives. Yellow gold in color, tinged with green. A limpid, bright oil whose medium intense fragrance offers primary notes of tomato vines and hints of freshly... read more
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Pancetta is an Italian bacon that is cured with salt and spices and air-dried, but not smoked. Flavorful, slightly salty pancetta comes in a sausage-like roll. Compared to many bacons we know, Pancetta is smooth and spicy at the same time and the slices... read more
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The lingering flavor of tart along with the refreshing juicy sweet flavor of apricots, make for this delicious Pepperlane Pepp'ricot Preserve. Jalapenos and sweet red peppers mixed with the golden orange color of apricots add texture and a kick for a... read more
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Pierre Robert is made with pasteurized cow's milk enriched with cream. It is the same cheese as the Brillat-Savarin but aged longer in the Rouzaire caves. This soft-ripened cheese will be liked by all who crave utter decadence This triple creme cheese is... read more