French Honey

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This French Chestnut Honey is produced during the summertime from the sweet chestnut flower in the Pyrenees mountains that run on the border between France and Spain.Chestnut honey is spicy, it has a dark amber color, and a complex flavor: smokey,... read more
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Bernard Michaud's Le Grand Miel or Thousand Flower Honey is a raw honey. This grand miel, grand or great honey reflects the wonderful variety of flowering plants.This French honey has a beautiful golden color, a rich caramel and it is creamy, and a... read more
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The French Provence is know for a lavender color country side, great weather and good food and wine. This particular honey is made from flowers of that historical southeastern part of France.A French gourmet multi-floral honey that has a complex aroma... read more
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Rosemary Honey is a lovely French honey collected from bees who primarily collect nectar from the rosemary flower. L'Abeille Occitane, located in the French Provence harvest the honey and produces this pale/cream mono-varietal honey.Use this gourmet... read more
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