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This Habanero Pepper Jelly is the original of the Brimstone Originals. The jelly was made by Eileen O'Hara as a gift to her husband in 2003, and developed into an award winning jelly after hard work at craft fairs and food shows. This women-led,... read more
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Do you love corn as much as we do, then this Handy Corn is quite handy indeed. A sweet sharp concoction by Rick's Picks. Bell peppers and hot peppers and of course corn make up this condiment. Imagine it in your salad, your tacos, as a salsa with... read more
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Harissa is the hot sauce of the North African, Mediterranean region and is made from hot peppers, bell peppers, preserved lemon, tomatoes, garlic, salt and spices. Many cuisines use it, so there are many recipes to make harissa. This one is from... read more
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This truly black Hawaiian Sea salt is gathered on the island of Molokai. This intense black salt is are made by adding activated charcoal to the sea salt. The Island of Molokai is still rather rural, with little to no industry, leaving the waters... read more
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Hickory smoked sea salt is a long time favorite for many chefs, especially in Southern cooking. Sea salt are smoked over premium hickory hardwood. This sea salt is very versatile as it adds a rich smoky flavor to ribs, burgers, turkey and chicken and red... read more
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Honey Plus Apricot says it all; it is honey plus apricots. Rutherford & Meyer created a smooth mixture of clover honey and apricots. This New Zealand product combines the health benefits of clover honey that comes from the beautiful clover flower,... read more
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Strawberry jam may be the most popular jam and when you add some honey, you will get a very smooth mixture that is not only delicious, it is healthy as well. Rutherford & Meyer created this Honey Plus, in this case a mixture of Italian Strawberries... read more
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Hot Steve is a seriously spicy chile salt. Great for margaritas or Bloody Marys, soups and chili, Mexican fare, or anything else when you want to spice things up. Temperatures are sure to rise when Hot Steve's on or in your dish. Beautiful Briny Sea is... read more