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This Wild Raspberry honey is a light and floral honey, with a unique raspberry finish intertwined with the aroma of warm cocoa butter. The color is light yellow and the honey is mellow and smooth on the palate. The particular Bee Raw Honey is... read more
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You can find the Virginia Chutney Company in the blue hills in Virginia and making chutney is their passion. The Major Grey's Mango Chutney; a traditional chutney pairs well with aged cheddar and Gouda cheese. It has a third the salt than most... read more
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Tangy organic dried mango mixes with spicy chilies to bring the perfect combination of sweet-heat in this modern spin on a Middle Eastern classic.... read more
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These Marcona Almonds are fried and slightly salted; they are Spain's most precious almonds. The Marcona almond is rounder, shorter, and sweeter than the California almond and they are absolutely delicious. These 'Queen of Almonds' are a great... read more
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In the Marsala Wine Jelly you find the flavors and aromas of the Marsala wine, as it is real wine that is used to produce the jelly. During the preparation of the jelly, the alcohol is lost during cooking, but the delicious flavor and aroma... read more
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Mean Beans are a spicy take on what Rick's Mom in Vermont calls dilly beans. This version comes with extra heat. These prize-winning crispy beans are pickled with cayenne and fresh dill and have an unusually fresh flavor. They make a great... read more
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When you like Southern food, these pickled green tomatoes will hit the sweet spot. With a nice sweet beginning and a tart, earthy under layer, you will finally understand what it’s like to have a true bread and butter pickle. Owner and ... read more
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This Italian gourmet jelly is made with real Merlot Wine and during the cooking process the alcohol evaporates and the flavor and aroma of the Merlot remains. Try this wine jelly with creamy brie, your favorite Cheddar, on a croissant or with... read more
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Mike's Hot Honey is a chili pepper-infused honey in a handy squeeze bottle. Michael Kurtz, the founder of Mike's Hot Honey was introduced to the idea of making honey hot in Brazil, in 2003. Back in the US, Mike started to create his own hot... read more