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To make a good paella is not very complicated; it is labor intensive as it contains a lot of ingredients. What you put into the paella will most likely depend on what you want, as there are numerous paella recipes. There are 2 basic ingredients of any... read more
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The Pajarero fig is grown in Spain and is one of the finest varieties. These dried delicacies are sweet and mild, with a tender bite. They are an integral part of Spanish cuisine, the Pajarero fig is smaller and sweeter than its cousin from Turkey. Its... read more
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Peach and cardamom are wonderful combination and when combined with just a touch of bourbon you'll have a great match. Make that a match made in heaven when you combine this preserve with a creamy soft-ripened cheese, like Green Hill or a brie.... read more
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Making Peach Marmalade in the Peach State Georgia, should not be a problem, but Emily G's Peach Marmalade is no ordinary peach marmalade. It is made with sun-ripened peaches, oranges and a touch of ginger.A lovely spread for your biscuits, your cereal or... read more
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With ripe peaches and pecans, this gourmet preserve can be seen as a truly a Georgian gourmet sweetness. Blackberry Patch simmers their creations in small handmade batches to create an all natural preserve.Besides a delicious preserve on toast, try it as... read more
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Are you serving goat cheese or cream cheese, then offer this Peach Pepper Preserve with it. A nice combination of sweet and just a touch of heat that will give the creaminess of the cheese an additional dimension.Cheese was on their mind, when Blackberry... read more
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Pear and Blue cheese really go together well. It's the soft and delicate flavor of the pear that may take some of the edge off the blue cheese.New Zealand-made fruit pastes have a range of tangy and intense flavors using real fruit and natural... read more
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The Virginia Chutney Company has developed a new Pepper Jelly under a new brand 'The Preservation Society'. The Preservation Society struggles daily to preserve both the fine art of lifting hand to mouth, and the historically significant tradition of... read more
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Pepper Shooters are a wonderful appetizer. A pickled Cherry Pepper stuffed with prosciutto and provolone. Don't eat them too cold, you want to enjoy the inside of the peppers at room temperature; that's when the flavor can be enjoyed to the fullest.A... read more
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Can it be more Southern than pickled peaches. Pickled Pink doesn't think so. They pickled their all natural Perfectly Pickled Peaches with a hint of cinnamon, clove and with a touch of red pepper to add some zip.Atlanta-based Pickled Pink products are... read more