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These Mediterranean sea salt flakes are known for their large pyramid shapes crystals. They are light and flaky with a mild taste which is characteristics of Mediterranean salts.It is a popular salt for cooking and baking. This flake salt is also... read more
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This Italian gourmet jelly is made with real Merlot Wine and during the cooking process the alcohol evaporates and the flavor and aroma of the Merlot remains. Try this wine jelly with creamy brie, your favorite Cheddar, on a croissant or with some... read more
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Mike's Hot Honey is a chili pepper-infused honey in a handy squeeze bottle. Michael Kurtz, the founder of Mike's Hot Honey was introduced to the idea of making honey hot in Brazil, in 2003. Back in the US, Mike started to create his own hot honey and... read more
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This traditional or old-style French mustard is made with whole mustard seed, resulting in a crisp and grainy texture that is so characteristic for this mustard.The stone jug adds to the traditional feel of the Moutarde a L'Ancienne.The mustard has a lot... read more
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In the small tub you will find a combination of crunchy California Sevillano olives, plum-purple, smoky Calamata and mildly tart Mammoth Black Greek olives, packed in brine. Something for everybody.A colorful palate and harmony of textures and flavors in... read more
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This Orange Chili is a wonderful combination of sweet and spicy that would give you a whole new use of your normal sugar.Add it to your salad dressings, try it on meat, chicken and fish, instead of using honey or syrup. Also spice up your sweet baked... read more
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Orange Fig Spread is a Dalmatia Import award winner; in 2004 it was awarded a SOFI Gold Medal for Outstanding Jam, Preserve, Spread of Sweet Topping. This gourmet product offers a refreshing combination of the sweet natural flavor of fig with the tangy... read more
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These organic Kalamata olives are grown in Greece's Peloponnese Peninsula. This large, purple, almost black olives, are delightfully fruity and full-bodied.A great snack, a staple in a Greek salad and is an ideal ingredient for pizza, pasta, soup. The... read more
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Original Fig Spread is a gourmet spread that has captured the imagination of all of those who have tried it. Healthy and versatile - this product has a variety of uses in the kitchen. This Fig Spread won Outstanding Shelf-stable Foodservice Product in... read more
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Whipped honey is an interesting process. Savannah Bee uses honey that is completely crystallized. After the crystallization, the honey is whipped, introducing air into the honey, and the color turns white. They used to call this honey Winter White Honey.... read more