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Sabatino's Truffle Honey takes all the appeal of honey flavoring one step further. Truffle honey is perfect for meat glaze, crepe dressing, cheese, spreading over fruit or cake, or topping off ice cream and sorbet.This gourmet truffle honey won a Sofi... read more
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This is something special; amazing! Imported Italian Black Truffle Pearls! The juice of the fine Italian black truffles are processed into fine Caviar-like jet black pearls that glisten and provide the beauty of fine caviar and maintain an outstanding... read more
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There is the expression, everything tastes better with bacon, but what would you say if we change that so 'Everything tastes better with truffles'.Sabatino created a sauce consisting of black summer truffles and mushrooms mixed with garlic, onion,... read more
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You love the flavor of truffles, but buying them fresh is just a bit too expensive. Sabatino developed a solution: Truffle Zest. This is like a seasoning made from black truffles.You can serve dishes that have just that little extra, a little taste of ... read more
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The unsalted winner of the World Championships is richer and more full-bodied than regular butter and is the butter of choice for discerning chefs. With increased fat content, comes increased taste and excellence for sauteing, clarifying and stabilizing.... read more
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At the Vermont Creamery they culture the freshest Vermont cream and churn it to a European-style cultured butter. Higher in butterfat (85%) than standard U.S. butter, Vermont Cultured Butter offers the exquisite richness, flavor, and performance of the... read more
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These Valencia Almond are fried and salted; no added herbs or spices, just plain fried and salted - just fine they way they are.The Valencia Almond may be second to the Marcona almond, but it is a delicious gourmet nut that will be a satisfying... read more
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The Valencia Almond is another well-know almond coming from Spain and similar in shape to the California almond. The Valencia Almond is not as delicate as the Marcona almond, but it is a delicious gourmet nut that will be a satisfying snack.This small... read more
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Mustard is often used in vinaigrette and sandwiches and this Walnut Dijon mustard feels absolutely comfortable in that role. It is a classic Dijon mustard with added walnut flavor from the Perigord region in France.Edmond Fallot is a family owned... read more
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Savannah Bee took their Original Whipped Honey and added some top quality cinnamon that is native to Sri-Lanka and thus created a delicious warm tasting Whipped Cinnamon Honey. Whipped honey is crystallized honey that has air whipped into it, making it... read more