Gluten-Free Food

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Start with a classic Vermont Cheddar cheese and submerge the curds in Munich Dark and IPA from the local (Vermont) artisan Harpoon brewery, so that the full ale flavor is soaked up by the curds. The result is an AleHouse Cheddar Cheese with an... read more
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This chutney is a lovely combination of balsamic and fig - rich and a wonderful combination with goat cheese and prosciutto ham. The deep dark colored chutney contrasts nicely with blue cheese as well. All Virginia chutneys, savory jams if you... read more
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Imagine, cutting small cubes of this dark balsamic jelly to decorate your desserts and your recipes will come to life. Not only because of the color and the flavor, but also because of the moving jelly cubes. Other ways to use this balsamic... read more
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These balsamic pearls will bursts in your mouth, releasing an amazing taste and aroma, appealing to all your senses. They are a delicious and sophisticated decorative addition to a large variety of dishes and drinks. Wherever you would use... read more
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Nuovo's Gnocchi are all natural, artisan Italian dumplings. The Basil and Potato Gnocchi are beautiful in color, vibrantly green as well as small pieces of the basil herb visible. The basil flavor is dominantly present in this soft gnocchi. Use... read more
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A Bavarian original, this Basils Original Rauchkase is made according to a traditional recipe. Trappist Monks in the Abbey of Rotthalmunster developed this cheese and now it is made by a modern, Bavarian cheese manufacturer Bergader Private... read more
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With its lush purple color and a half-pound of sun-ripened blackberries and blueberries in every jar, this jam is bursting with flavor. The smallest amount of sugar and just enough lemon was added to brighten up this luscious blend. Bonnie's... read more
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Large red and impressive black currant fruit juice pearls that will burst in your mouth with every bite. This delicious product that will make your meals look and taste simply awesome. Garnish your yogurt, smoothie, ice cream, cake and souffle... read more
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Blueberries are very versatile as you can enjoy them at breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert. This Terrapin Ridge jam is bursting with flavor from pecans, raisins, cinnamon and a splash of bourbon, and of course blueberries. Your waffles,... read more
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Does it get any better than this, blueberries, vanilla and fresh goat cheese. It's like a little roll of breakfast or dessert if you like and the only thing you'll need to do is to slice it and put it on a bagel, crusty bread or a cracker.... read more