Gourmet Ham

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Beech wood hams are cooked in hot-air ovens and patiently smoked on real beech wood; this produces an aroma that is peculiar and specific to this type of ham. Principe is carefully selecting fresh pig legs from which the bones are removed; then they... read more
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Jambon De Paris, or Parisian Ham or French Ham is made according to the French charcuterie recipe. It is delicately spiced, slowly cooked in its own juices and wrapped in its skin. The result is a refined taste. Jambon de Paris has low sodium content; a... read more
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Westphalian ham is a prized meat that originated in Northern Germany and still is made the same way by Schaller & Weber as it was centuries ago. Natural curing and smoking over real hardwood fires develop its distinctively smokey flavor. The... read more
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This Oven Roasted Ham with Rosemary combines some of the same great characteristics as the Old Fashioned Ham with the addition of rosemary to enhance its delicate roasted flavor. This gourmet ham is cooked in a dry heat oven, giving the product an... read more
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Prosciutto is an Italian delicacy that dates back to at least the 12th century. Prosciutto is cherished for its texture, color, fragrance and taste. The Renaissance prosciutto comes from the highest quality fresh hams that are gently massaged with a hint... read more
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Prosciutto Americano, released in 2005 to critical acclaim and appreciation, was La Quercia's first creation and remains their most popular. The meat has a sweet, clean flavor and a floral minerality. The humanely raised, antibiotic-free meat comes from... read more
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Prosciutto Cotto is an Italian cooked ham that is a regular, traditional choice in an Italian deli. Beretta, who imports this steam cooked ham from Italy, packs it in an aluminum-coated bag, to ensure the quality and characteristics of this unique... read more
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The original Prosciutto di Parma from Italy is available in convenient packs of 4 ounces. Fratelli Beretta, established 1812, is Italy's leading Deli Meat Company introduces this genuine Parma ham in a pack containing 8 slices or 4 servings with slice... read more
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La Quercia Rossa Heirloom Prosciutto is the first and only single-breed, dry cured ham made in the USA. Breeding plays a key role in dry cured ham quality because it influences muscle structure, muscle fiber, water holding capacity, fat quality, and... read more
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Serrano ham is one of the traditional Spanish meats and one of the characteristic items you will see when ordering tapas. This ham is boneless, which makes give you more ham per pound and more flexibility when cutting it. Slicing a bone-in ham is a... read more