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Speck Americano is a fully aged Prosciutto Americano smoked over apple wood. The evocative aroma of the open fire melds beautifully with the deep sweetness of the pork. This speck is made in Iowa by award-winning cured meat artisans Herb and... read more
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Surry Farm Cooked, Boneless Country Ham is carefully prepared and has been dry-cured by hand, classically smoked with hickory wood, and aged 90-plus days to achieve its great flavor. In the time-honored style of the Native Americans, settlers... read more
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The Tartufotto is made in the traditional Italian way by roasting a fresh 3-muscle ham joint in a dry heat oven. This lean roasted ham is then infused with an aromatic truffle flavor that completes the flavors of this delicate ham. It is an all... read more
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Tasso Ham is a cured and cooked spiced ham that is smoked for 14 hours. A Louisiana based ham that is a misnomer not cut from the ham but rather the shoulder as this is a heavily spiced, pecan smoked ham seasoned with brown sugar, toasted black... read more
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