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This Emily G's jam is a hit on goat cheese, blue cheese and try it on a baked brie. The sweet figs and pomegranate juice create a wonderful dark jam that has an earthy hint of nutmeg.Emily Myers founded Emily G’s out of a true labor of love, which... read more
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This preserves is made from full-bodied black tea and sweet, delicate figs, creating a thoroughly seductive preserve. Chunks of fresh fig and back notes of slow-brewed black tea with just a touch of sugar and lemon juice.Spread on a sliced baguette or... read more
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This unique Armenian Walnut Preserve is made from hand-picked fresh and green walnuts. These walnuts are not aged, they are cured in syrup before they are made into a preserve and you will find whole pieces of juice walnut in the preserve.This Fresh... read more
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This Habanero Pepper Jelly is the original of the Brimstone Originals. The jelly was made by Eileen O'Hara as a gift to her husband in 2003, and developed into an award winning jelly after hard work at craft fairs and food shows. This women-led,... read more
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Everything tastes good with bacon. This Hot Pepper Jam is no exception. Terrapin Ridge Farms combined roasted red pepper puree, jalapeno peppers and real bacon to create an addictive jam.For a quick appetizer, pour over cream cheese and serve with... read more
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All you need to bring is toast, waffle, bagel, omelet and you'll have a splendid combination. This Hot Pepper Berry Bacon Jam is almost a breakfast in a jar. Sweet raspberries and strawberries are mixed with roasted red peppers and real bacon to create... read more
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This Jalapeno Pepper Jelly was the second product that mother and daughter at Brimstone Originals developed and is less hot than the Habanero Pepper Jelly.Try it as a glaze on ham or pork, use it in a mustard sauce or warm in the microwave for 20 to 30... read more
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You can find the Virginia Chutney Company in the blue hills in Virginia and making chutney is their passion. The Major Grey's Mango Chutney; a traditional chutney pairs well with aged cheddar and Gouda cheese.It has a third the salt than most mango... read more
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In the Marsala Wine Jelly you find the flavors and aromas of the Marsala wine, as it is real wine that is used to produce the jelly. During the preparation of the jelly, the alcohol is lost during cooking, but the delicious flavor and aroma will stay in... read more
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This Italian gourmet jelly is made with real Merlot Wine and during the cooking process the alcohol evaporates and the flavor and aroma of the Merlot remains. Try this wine jelly with creamy brie, your favorite Cheddar, on a croissant or with some... read more
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